New Choices in LA: Coaches and Wines

time out! time out! TIME OUT!!!

time out! Time Out! TIME OUT!!!

Some folks hate to make new choices. They order wine like “I’ll have a Chardonnay” or “something red, please.”

The Athletic Directors for UCLA and USC recently made some big choices going all in with their new basketball coaches. Both went for value with important differences. Dan Guerrero of UCLA played the tradition card picking Steve Alford. Pat Haden showed a bit more moxie getting the Sweet 16 Cinderella coach Andy Enfield before he is priced out of SoCal. Coach Enfield barely gets more exposure than his wife Amanda Marcum the former “swimsuit model.” The next three years will feature Steve Alford versus Andy Enfield; two mid-career guys with different pedigrees and lots of history.

Alford is the “son of Bobby Knight.” Bobby Knight’s coaching style was criticized by John Wooden and Coach is a god at UCLA. What would Coach think about Ms. Amanda? Hmmm. Andy Enfield led his pee-pot Gulf Coast U team to the Sweet 16. Now he gets to sweep up for the Trojans and coach in the same league as Mike Montgomery (Cal), Sean Miller (Arizona) and Tad Boyle (Colorado); AKA the sisters ugly of the Pac 12. At least Andy gets to go home to Mrs. Enfield. Alford will sleep every night in John Wooden’s shadow.

Dotoré says both will be gone in three years. He also says the local pro teams will choose to dump their current coaches – D’Antoni (Lakers) and Del Negro (Clippers) – by June. Nasty business big time sports. Much more exciting than wine.

As a learning tool we have matched the following wines to the new and old coaches in town [ed. and one wife].

Andy's wife

Mrs E

2011 Corte Gardoni Becco Rosso Corvina Veronese $18: Imported by Kermit Lynch. Corvina is one of the premium grapes in Valpolicella wines. Soft flavors, soft tannins. Tender wine meant for food. A U20 treat. 13%

nordsud_syrah07WEB2007 Laurent Miquel Nord Sud Syrah $14: Syrah from the Languedoc in the southwest region of Franceandy-enfieldWEB that we like so much. Buttery, starchy nose. Like a baked potato. Tannic medium weight. Plummy choco flavors. Surprisingly delicious. U20. 13.5%

2010 Alberti 154 Torrontes $15: In the fruity, sweetervinny-del-negroWEB Mendoza style for this Argentine varietal; compared to the Salta style which is more lean. A simple winner with quality juice from hot value QPR importer Southern Wine Group. U20. 13%

2007 Dovetail Seppa Vineyard Sonoma Coast Piot Noir $30: Muted nose. Lean flavors. Could be out of gas. This is one of the new wave of “value” wines that have little personality. tBoW believes there is a class of new wines like this one that are boring for obvious reasons.MikeDAntoniWEB In an effort to keep the price down the producers purchased wine lots that do not get sold to premium producers. The wine is then quickly bottled and turned out for quick cash. Result – “label pedigree” that does not show up in the glass. Pass. 14.4%

perchaud_chablis08WEB2008 Corine Perchaud Chablis $20: AOC wine which means it is the entry level. Steve_AlfordWEBLemon flavors, steely cool. Lean style. All Old World. Wines like this one seem to lack fruit but they do not. Just keeping it wrapped up a bit. Classic stuff. 12.5%


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    Bacchus says:

    REL – Glad you approve. She got nuthin’ on you. As you can see my dear you belong with the Trojans. And Sophie too.

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    Mouse says:

    I am so glad that I like wine, for now i can also admire the attributes (dos) of Andy E.
    at any rate….. Found a new stellah wine: 2008 Yonah Mountain Vineyard Genesis, a blend of cab, merlot and a dash of mouvedre. All the minty and eucolyptis one wishes for in such a concoctionl. Got 4 bottles for $9 each plus shipping on the dreaded wine commune. Goes for $40 elsewhere.
    Oh, where’s it from? Northern Georgian, the American Georgia. Best thing to come out of dixie since Marques Dupree.

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