Field Maus Finds His Hoops+Wine Tabernacle!

Lakers Get Anthony Davis. Pelicans Get Instant Contender Status. tBoW Gets Grenache.

the Rhone is famous for its rich soil!

The full impact of the NBA Playoffs and the league-upending NBA Draft that quickly followed, remains an enigma inside a puzzle within a riddle. Tides are shifting. The earthly hoops axis is tilting from the West to The North. tBoW afficianados are taking notes and sharing thoughts. As tBoW praises the merits of Burgs the Cognos are checking in with their own inspirations.

IGTY wants to know if there is a retail giant cheaper and with more bland taste than Total Yawn. Target does not qualify because they do not even pretend to know anything about wine. Target knows price points and the breadth and depth of the great retail river. Target could a give a hoot about the wine experience or even 100 points! I have n-e-v-e-r seen a point card on a wine sold at Target. That is D_E_E_P dude [ed. Bannonstyle quote!].

The Field Maus has been a frequent tBoW post-er: go HERE on Rhone juice … and HERE with the Mouse Rating scheme [!!!]. His attention as Executive Producer on the forthcoming Prom House [ed. the working title] occupies his hours limited to one glass in hand. Maus knows red and white Grenache. Kris-B knows Southern Rhone. Maybe they can get a dialogue going?

Field Maus Straight Outta Connecticut: To understand Grenache, be it red or white, a look at Gail Goodrich is helpful. They called him Stumpy, but let’s change that to Chunky, like Grenache.

Chunky was a simple baller; all he did was shoot. And man, did he do it well. He was a delight to watch. Goodrich’s game was straightforward and uncomplicated – like Grenache.

White Grenache desperately calls for… [ed. Jerry West?] you guessed it: Roussanne, or perhaps Viognier. Standing alone, White Grenache is clunky and chunky and wholly unmemorable. Same for Red Grenache; even the best Chateauneuf du Papes need a little help from the 12 other grapes that can call themselves CdPs.

Some fruit bombs from Australia or Paso Robles will help a burger on a cookout, but save your Burgs [ed. the kind tBoW and Ikorb prefer] for an indoor affair.

Grenache pleases the consumer, like Gail Goodrich used to do before the era of Magic and Showtime. At the end of the day with thoughts and prayers it is what it is…Grenache doesn’t last like Jerry West [ed. amen to that bruh].

SOMEHOW…this much appreciated burst of truth from the Field Maus made us think of another trooooth about an enigma, a puzzle and a riddle.

Joe Pesci does David Ferrie…Oliver Stone directed…


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    igty says:

    You never know what you gonna get when you buy “Chateauneuf du Pape”…..sometimes mostly Grenache, sometimes bad Grenache, sometimes they just sweep out the cellar of unsold Syrah and/or Mouverde plonk. Buy the Spanish stuff, I find it vastly better. The best comes from south of Barcelona, pricey though. All the French locales just give Grenache an undeserved bad rep.

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    Kris-B says:

    I’m offended by the idea that I “know” the Southern Rhone.

    • Wavatar
      Bacchus says:

      tBoW is offended he offended you…this qualifies for double “offendi” status which is quite an achievement…”keepemcomin”

      • Wavatar
        Kris-B says:

        I will say that I (fortunately) may not know much about the Southern Rhone, but, unlike Bacchus, I know enough to not pair sushi with magnums of 2007 Chateauneuf du Pape.

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