Wines for a “Dog Day Afternoon”

Can the summer go on too long? Izit possible? maybe….yes…..NO!!
I love to watch the weather guys and ladies put the week’s forecast up and all I see is 92, 94, 95, 93, 91. And you know what to you have to do. Enjoy it. Like the SRH gangsters above. That is Wes and Uma Hagen and David Corey on the right. David is a ton of fun (so is Wes). Like a mischievous puppy. He was dry-humping like crazy on this summer evening in 2005 only it wasn’t the pillow. It was another well known SRH winemaker and she took at least 15 minutes to tell him to cut that out.
2007 Core California Ros√© $12: So there I am buying a case at K&L of Moscato d’Asti for the Missus’ staff party…and as I am checking out I check out the Rose display. I spot the Core red version and since I have great photos of David Corey I think I should get a bottle. Actually, I remember David Corey’s wines are always challenging and usually rewarding. The closer on the sale is the teaser card that says he uses 10 different varietals or ten different sources for this wine. Maybe ten sources because I am fairly certain the blend consists of Dave’s favorite grapes – Syrah, Mourvedre, Grenache and Tempranillo. This wine is firm, muscular, sinewy, like a marathon runner or a distance cycler. A lot like Dave. As would be expected not your garden variety delicate pink summer wine. Love it. 14.3%
tintero2 moscato 07.jpg2007 Tintero Sori’ Gramella Moscato d’Asti $10: The K&L purchased Moscati. The idea was to serve this at the MIssus’ staff party. At 5% everyone stays in the safety zone and still gets to chill a little. More spine than the Bartenura and almost up to La Morandina (the summer Moscati standard). Excellent wine. Mixed it with some Lodi Vermentino and that was also pretty tasty. 5%
2006 Chateau d’Aqueria Tavel Ros√©
$12: Costco purchase. “Tavel is acknowledged to be the world’s most complex and flavorful ros√© wine” says the back label. “Tell it to Bandol” sez tBoWl!! Dry, dried cranberry fruit, very nice…like a Bandol. Dry, even woody. What was it Dotor√© said about Bandol? Highest expectations with decent delivery. Think the original iPhone release.

IGTY [ed. I Gotta Tell Ya…bring it on!!!] I think I prefer the fruitier offerings from…California’s Central Coast!! Yes, I am talking about Point Concepcion, Anglim and the Languedoc. Given that the new Costco wine buyer has been on such a hot streak this summer I have to say she fouled one off here. 13.5%
[ed. tBoW continues to overheat like Pacino in his seminal film…below]
clautiere 2003 cab.gif
2003 Clautiere Cabernet Sauvignon
$22 wine club: Speaking of the Central Coast, i.e., Paso Robles, this is a pretty decent effort from the uber-fashionable vineyard on the unfashionable East Side. If you like Cabernet Sauvignon unblended. Pencil lead nose yields to a mineral flavor with high tone fruit, smoooooth and plummy. Is it Pauillac? St Estephe? In the Parker/Rolland era? How many folks would be fooled. Can we please stop growing Cabernet Sauvignon in Paso and focus on Rhone blends? Leave the vcabs to Napa. Pinots in Sonoma and points north…far as Oregon. Rhone styles in hot regions like…Paso!! This is a good time to try. 14.5%
And Dog Day Afternoon? His best work, overacting and all. [ed. until Scarface of course] You see the trailer you’ve seen the movie. Such a New Yawkuh. Pleece. Un-joy.

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