BRING IT ON!! Memorial Day Mash #2

As they say in the blippin teen franchise Bring It On movies…it’s already been brungal fresco dinner party hosted by Dr. and Mrs. Dotor√©. Four couples with open minds and palates giving the tBoW team a clear shot at tasting wines we like to drink OR anything we care to pull from the cellar. The guests are in training and bring what they can find in a decent wine shop that might keep up in the wineocracy. (more…)

Memorial Day Mash

A cool and dreary start to the summer. LA is known for June Gloom (AM coastal fog that works great for early morning tee times) but this is something else. Overcast and slight drizzle for the unofficial start of summer. [ed. that was 7 weeks ago, now in the 90s plus daily] tBoW hosts three couples who are ready and willing to try anything we put in front of them. What more can one ask from a guest? (more…)