The Summer 2010 Best of the ‘Bu Revu at Charlies in Malibu

Malibu Wine Country. The very thought captivates. How could this be? Domestic wine country suggests thousands of acres and acres of vineyards with names like Rutherford Bench or Navarro River or Sonoma Coast. Even the Paso Westside. The idea that there could be a Malibu Wine Country begs the question…where could it be?

For right now Malibu Wine Country is more an idea than anything else. It is something that COULD BE, or that MIGHT BE, given time and experience. This little blog has been tracking the IDEA and intends to continue tracking it just to see what happens.

Recently, a Malibu restaurant РCharlies in Malibu Рhosted a Malibu Wine Tasting dinner and tBoW was able to attend. Four Malibu vintners attended and shared their thoughts on winemaking and their wines. The tBoW team shares our observations and impressions in call and response style. Dotoré takes the lead while tBoW gets to follow.

First a quick review of Charlies: a delightful and welcome stop on Pacific Coast Highway north of Topanga and before the Malibu Pier. Wally Moran manages the staff and keeps everything moving efficiently. The food is very good with three inspired prix fixe choices as well as ala carte. Worth a visit just for the cool vibe. (more…)

Hunting Down the BEST of Malibu Wines

vineyardflwrsWEB.jpgMalibu Wine Country…what makes it so different from anywhere else in the Golden State? Besides the Mediterranean stretch of coastline with the ubiquitous “Tuscan villas”, superb surf breaks, and Hollywood folks…really nothing at all. Especially when it comes to winemaking it’s just another region with the same issues. (more…)

New Lineup for 2010

TopangatakeoffWEB.jpgThe ocean of wine and the lineup in it keeps getting bigger. We choose wines like we would choose waves; certain size, as close to perfect conditions as we can presume. What wines will be in the tBoW lineup for 2010? [ed. the surfing lineup is all those people in the water here at Topanga point trying to catch the same wave] With seemingly limitless options we contemplate the wine lineup for the coming year. Keep it simple – good values, great and interesting wines, selecting carefully from the best of the best. Based on the first pours in January we can forecast that Winter through early Spring will feature French white wines and more Malibu discoveries. We can live with that. The local vintners of the Bu continue to defy expectations and definitely have our attention. Here then are several recent turns of the corkscrew. (more…)

Malibu Wine Country…no more jokes

schtrPNsign.jpg“You have to significantly exceed expectations” said the Malibu winemaker without showing the slightest sign he was jumping verticals; going from the world of C-level business consulting to the world of wine in all its perplexing wierdness.
“Every year we will eliminate error.” For example? He planted his vines with the guidance of a very capable viticulturist. When the grapes came in at alcohol levels he considered too high he realized he needed a combination viticulturist-slash-enologist. Now he is working with someone who fits that job description. (more…)