Labor Day space trade

yquem tradeADJ2.jpgLabor Day is the nominal “end-of-summer” holiday. Of course, we know summer can last another 6 to 8 weeks easily. And we want it to. This summer tBoW converted to the Church of Chenin Blanc. Blame tBoW taster/blogger Mouse who got it all started with two tastings in July. After tasting through a couple Coteaux de Layons and a Quarts de Chaume it all became clear. This was enough to prompt tBoW to trade the remainder of his vintage Sauternes holdings for a bunch of Coteaux du Layon and Quarts de Chaume wines. I do not think I will ever look back. [ed. what tBoW traded above; what he got below]
QdCtrade.jpgOne of the pleasures of drinking wine is observing how my own palate changes (along with Dotor√© and Mouse). From Cabernet to Pinot Noir to Nebbiolo to Beaujolais and SW France/Rhone styles on the red side of the cellar; with a good dosage of Argentine Malbec. And from Chardonnay to Sauvignon Blanc to Riesling to Spanish/Italian/Rhone types on the blanc side. The go-to red varietals today are Pinot Noir and French Gamay. Any fresh fruity wine from Argentina, France, Italy or Spain will do with the summer focusing on Ros√© and Moscato d’Asti wines.
But when it comes to dessert wines today it is all Chenin Blanc. And now we have a bunch we can get to know.
counoise05_label.jpg2006 Tablas Creek Counoise $28: This was really nice wine. Like a Cru Beaujolias, even Morgon. I was so impressed I thought I might order some more but all gone! A screw cap beauty. Fresh fruity flavors even some cranberry. Nice middle weight. 14.5%

1989 Vouvray Moelleux Domaine Bourillon d’Orleans Tres de Noble Grains
$45: Looking up anything on an unusual wine like this one is fun because I find out (i) what some people like to eat with this sweetie; lots of curry and spicy dishes! I will bet it is a great match; spacestn1.jpg(ii) how many Chenin Blanc fans there are out there tasting through these wines year in and out; and (iii) how few producers there are in France. Jim Ruxin brought this wine out to finish the meal at a Labor Day party. What a nice surprise. Lime and coconut. Chalky texture and some limestone flavors. Slightly bitter on the mid palate. Jim said “drying out marzipan”. Not a flaw just a signal we are drinking this at or close to its peak. 13%
Then we watched the International Space Station docked with the Space Shuttle flyover Bel Air from SW to NE. The view was something like the youtube video below.

uvaggiorosato06.jpg2006 Uvaggo Barbera Rosato $14: “That old wine” asked the winemaker JIm Moore when I reported how well received was his summer wine. Watermelon flavors, good acid, and nicely balanced. Really fine. A steady hand makes a very interesting wine from Lodi. A nice complement to his Vermentino. Terrific U20 value wine. 13.2%
felix callejo 03.jpg2003 Felix Callejo Seleccion de Viñedos de la Familia $100: 100% Tempranillo from Ribera del Duero. One of the better Tempranillo wines tBoW has tried. Quite lush. Even tempered. Seductive. Middle weight. And very pricey!! 14%

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