Comfy wines for unsettling times

When the world seems upside down it makes perfect sense to turn to wines we know and love. We feature a few of these “comfy wines” in this post.
Hot off the press. LA Times covers everything you have been reading for weeks about falling prices on trophy wines, the inevitable rise of New World wines under $10, and the reluctant cancellations of wine club memberships, on tBoW. Click here to read what we already know.
TC GB Panoplie.jpg2005 Tablas Creek Grenache Blanc $26: Sweet, with bright acid grapefruit flavors. Released in 2006 this wine is drinking wonderfully, cellared for more than a year. Still has a hint of wood. tBoW taster Tootsie says she’s had this before. It’s Oroblanco grapfruit. Say what? “In Israel, known as ‘Sweetie’. Mid winter Oroblanco produces sweet seedless fruit even in areas of low summer heat. oroblanco.jpgHuge, intensely fragrant flowers and attractive glossy foliage.” Read about all kinds of citrus fruits at the Four Winds Grocers website here. I bookmarked it. An omigod 15.3%
2004 Tablas Creek Panoplie $68: [ed. Alert reader points out tBoW missed this price point. This is the release price for TC Wine Club members Serious thanx for the tip.] The TC flagship wine blends 69% Mourvedre with 21% Grenache and 10% Syrah. Like the name it is a “magnificent array” of TC’s top red vines. A classic Rhone blend only made in exceptional vintages. Differs from the Esprit de Tablas Creek in two ways: proportions of Grenache and Syrah are reversed and the Esprit includes Counoise. This is big and jammy right now. tBoW team taster the Crackberry Kid distracts himself from his 24/7 mainline to everything anyone needs to know long enough to say “Nouveau Beaujolais”. Richie Allen.jpgThen he busies himself looking up how many home runs Dick Allen hit in his career. [ed. 351] The wine should age plenty more years. Goes well with thick grilled pork chops and grilled pineapple, onions and red peppers. But it is still not too big or overwhelming. Somehow it seems restrained. Could be the food! 280 cases. 14.6%
Both wines are delicious and encourage the tBoW tasting team that things will get better!!
2004 MacKenzie Mueller Carneros Cabernet Franc
$27: Another fine effort. Dark red robe. Cinnamon and spice. Dark chocolate finish. Perfect with steaks. A tad hot at 15.2%
WSFlax2005.jpg2005 Williams Selyem Flax Vineyard Pinot Noir $54: Beets and smoke on the nose. Rochioli broods while WIlliam Selyem giggles. Cherries and cola (but not cherry cola) flavors. Young enough to show some tannins. 14.4%
Late word from the Crackberry Kid…a panoply is…oh, we already know.

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