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ESH-PURR-OW is Portuguese for mega winery and brilliant hospitality

The Alentejo sun is so blindingly bright I had to squint when looking at the ground. We have always depended on the kindness of mega-vintners. Imagine our relief when the sommelier for this 1.25 million case winery asked us into the dining room for shelter, food and drink. Other wandering wine-farers were already in the temporary structure recovering from their travels and the winery tour. Good company among new friends – especially chatty and charming sisters – only enhances great food and a separate table to manage the many bottles being opened by our host and sommelier Carla Pires for our consideration. Portugal can be wonderful this way. (more…)

Viva the Vs! Vinho Verde and Verdelho wines!

We think summer is the perfect time for drinking Ros√©s and bright acidic Albarinos and Italian Pigatos along with other Ligurian whites. Not so fast you cock-a-roaches. Please say hello to my little friends from Portugal and Southern Spain – the Vees of white wines. tBoW was awash in these copa Blancos or as they say in Portugal copa Brrrranco for two breakneck weeks. Thank goodness this corner of Europe believes in late lunch washed down with a bright, crisp well-chilled white wine that tastes like nothing we have ever had. Albarino has more acid and a rice-like quality. These V wines are pure citrus. Vinho Verde comes from Portugal and is leaner than Verdelho which comes from Spain which is more gentle but only by comparison. Verdelho would dance the flamenco on your typical Sauvignon Blanc. (more…)

Con Gas!! The BEST of Southern Spain

wedding style in Sevilla

After touring southern Spain for a couple weeks it is obvious the rules for tasting and writing about wine must be rewritten. At least when it comes to southern Spain the commonly accepted and greatly emulated business of swirling, sniffing, comparing, opining, recalling and placing the drink in context of anything simply does not apply. This is a land where life is all at once and wine is an important part of the experience…as is love…as is living…as is dressing to show it off. When it comes to wine you should pull the cork, fill a copaand throw it down the gullet with a bite of something. Wine is often served chilled regardless of color. Eat. Talk. Look at your surroundings. (more…)