Early Fall Wine Finds

They played Rebel Rebel on Monday Night Football as the broadcast went to a break.Came back from break with Bawwitdabaw. Too late to get tBoW interested in MNF again. Better than Bocephus…now if Kid Rock handled the intro…
Rhodos2.jpg2004 Emery Athiri Rhodos Amoryano $16: An El Vino purchase proposed by tBoW so don’t hang this on the proprietor..necessarily. Blame it on a dream. If one was traveling to Turkey and planned to visit Rhodes sometime in the future one would like to know if there is any decent wine in that region of the world. After all the Knights Templar were French and the French are wine and even though the stjohnsskull2.jpgTemplars did make vows of chastity and all that everyone knows they worshiped the skull of St. John the Baptist. Which is the reason why the King of France rounded them all up or as many as he could on Friday the 13th and threw them in prison.
Now if that won’t make you thirst for a decent bottle of red on the road to meet Prester John I don’t know what will. Well if we were meeting with the elusive Prester John we wouldpresterjohn.jpg sure like to share something impressive with him and this bottle of indigenous red from Rhodes wold not cut it. Not much of a nose or flavor. Fairly dry. Maybe it should be opened young since it is a 2004. Internet says Amoryano is an ancient varietal that has been cultivated on Mt. Attaviros since ancient times.” Turns out there is quite a bit of wine production in the Aegean. The Emery portfolio include numerous other selections so tBoW is encouraged. 12%
marionettgamay.jpg2008 Touraine Premiere Vendange Henry Marionnet $16: Talk about inspired obsession, this wine does not use sulfites as a preservative. Keep it refrigerated at all times until ready to pop the cork. No yeasts added. 100% natural fermentation. The way wine was made in ancient times. Aromas like Cabernet Franc or Grenache but it is hand picked Gamay. No chaptalizaiton or nuthin’. A bold wine with bold flavors for Gamay and plenty of character. Brawny and seductive. Impressive. Opens with time to breathe. Remarkable and delicious. U20 wine with archeological value. 12.5%
ellergrub06.jpg2006 Weiser-Kunstler Enkircher Ellergrub Riesling Kabinett $21: A Bill Mayer Age of Riesling selection. Sweet especially for Kabinett. The Rielsing naive have tough time with this wine as one does not “get it” right off the bat. This will be a keeper. Mosel that needs time in the bottle. An El Vino pick and I shall return for another two or three. 8.5%
2007 Dominique Piron Beaujolais-Villages Domaine de la Chanaise
$15: Beaune Imports which is one of those importers one can rely upon to make a good choice. This wine is a bit tough for a village wine. Lean, twiggy, not so fruity, and it did not open after a day on the shelf. Would not buy this bottle again but I would be willing to try one of the Cru wines. 12.5%

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