Wine Texting ‘n Tasting: Digital Kismet

baby_texting_omg_I_just_gotWine offers hit tBoW’s cellphone like a Spring cloudburst. The deluge of text messages got more strange with each entry. This was actually a good thing as the best tastings are often born of spontaneity and hasty planning, last minute conversations, a profound absence of planning. Add digital communiques. Stir the right blend of fluids and foods, friends of both genders and multi-generational, into a very satisfying brew.

Think of the following texts as the cosmic dust from which a universe of epicurian hip hop spontaneous good times emerge.



Sandy beach?

Ten years old?

Impending doom???

The first offer of what to bring is never the best offer. However, it must grab one’s attention. Commerical encroachment on a failing commercial enterprise stirs the reolutionary zeal. Bring it!




A strange Loire red wine you say.

Strenj is good…especially in wine.

[ed. I think you mean with not in wine. Strenj is never good in wine. Correct?]

tBoW is sold. Must see what is this strenj wine all about.




Hold the presses!

That’s a lot of information.

Did he text Orange Rieslings that could explode?

Interesting… but no.


A third voice entered the text loop at the manic apogee.

“I love a blind Pinot.

And a deaf Nebbiolo.

Not too crazy about a lame Cabernet.”

This wine stayed home.


How were the wines?

billiot-champWEBThe H. Billiot Reserve Brut Reserve Grand Cru Champagne $48 12% was fresh and refreshing. Has a severe hand that is in harmony with the seductive. The perfect entry to a long mid Spring evening.

gold-medal-muscadet05WEBThere were two white wines from the same producer, different vintages: the 2011 and 2005 Luneau-Papin 2011 Muscadet “Vielles Vigne” $15 and $33, respectively. The tBoW palate for Muscadet will not be constrained. Muscadet is a lively bantamweight wine that packs some wallop. It won’t knock you out but it will let you know you are in the ring with something formidable. A “perfect” wine for almost any occasion? Note the gold medal. Cue French horns.

The endangered Portuguese and the strange Loire red wines pleased more sophisticated palates than those of tBoW and the hungry sycophants, young’uns and geezers. For the harshly biased taster, however, the red wines showed an ashen nose with nuances of ciggy butts and a hint of unfiltered Pall Malls. Not enough fruit, too much sand. However, the wines did fully deliver on the exotic and unusual scale. We love that.

All in all a completely disruptive evening with wonderfully engaging wines.

Now here is some very good advice.

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