In the Summertime When the Weather is Fine…

Dotor√© can breathe easy again. IGTY is lounging in his pool. All is good in LA when the temps cross 90 for good. Here it is…the LA summer.
Early AM golf before you wilt and late dinners as the evening cools down to the 80s even the 70s. Life is good. Let’s pull corks on some panks and follow those with bright and biting acidic whites. Anything from Italy, Spain and Lodi will do. Drinkum up in the company of friends old and new. July 4th is here! Tell me more. Tell me more.

2010 Uvaggio Rosato $16: Jim Moore is making some of the most consistently great wines in California. And he is doing it at the U20 sweet spot in the market with mostly Lodi appellation grapes under his Uvaggio label. This Ros√© wine made the kids nuts. Manly, robust but not mighty. Has bite and character. The blend is ~81% Primitivo, ~15% Barbera, and ~4% Vermentino. We like the blended pinks from California. Great idea. Jim is making New World wines in the Old World tradition. He is not alone. But he is one of the best at it. He’s always lookin like he got the news! 11.4%.

2010 Domaine Sainte Lucie Cotes de Provence Ros√© “MIP*” $16: When the gates are thrown open on summertime we are right there ready to drink pink wines. Here is a superb example of everything great about Provencal Ros√©s. Pale salmon color draws you in. Immediately refreshing. Flavors of not quite ripe nectarine. Spine like the Uvaggio above. Rind in the flavors. Just delicious. If a gin and tonic was a pink wine… Absolutely seductive and delicious. Purchased from Steve Goldun at Palate in Glendale. MiP* means Made in Provence. Who says the French aren’t witty. 12.5%. Hooray for summer.

2010 Domaine de la Renaudie Perle de Rosé $12: Loire valley rose blending Pinot Noir and Chardonnay! Cherries and strawberries says the wine list at Palate. We find cantaloupe. A delicate flavored drink that is charming. Check their charming website. Good acid. 12%

2010 Bauer “Grun” Gruner/Malvasia $12: Gruner and Malvasia blend; 75-25. From Austria’s Wagram region. Too sour for Mrs. tBoW but just right for tBoW his-seff. A great counterpoint to the delicate Provencal pinky. This has plenty of biting acid and lemon ripe flavors. Love it. Steve Goldun just keeps bringing in all the great exceptional U20 wines. He has the pricier shit too and you can be sure it is all personally selected by Steve.

Walk right up to these wines and givem a great big kiss! Mwop.

Here is THE POPULAR view of the endless summer…AND a bitchen Beach Boys tune…


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    igty says:

    the uvaggio rosato is over priced and not very refreshing for a pool-side beverage. summer sparklers should aspire to be tasty not interesting……..i ain’t thinking tannins or whiff of ripe plums in my yard with the BBQ going and 95 degrees. i’m sure there’s an appropriate time for this wine–i just haven’t found it. his other stuff is nice.

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    Bacchus says:

    You said Mrs IGTY hates his white wines. $16 is a very good price but you are correct if you mean to say Old World (Euro) wines are cheaper and just as good. The summer Run for the Roses is on. I am tasting through several over the 4th and shall report accordingly. You will probably taste some yourself which means the millions readers of tBoW will be able to slop about with us in your palate trough. As always, thank you for your comments.

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