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Summer Wine Touring: Pennsylvania Pinot Noir – Straight & Blended!!

not in Kansas…or California

Lots of folks travel in the Summer and if you are reading this blog then you probably coordinate your travel with wine touring. No matter where you go. tBoW team taster The Field Mouse recently found himself in Pennsylvania “wine country” where he came across a decent Pinot Noir. Earlier this Spring the Krisses reported on a handful of Canadian Pinot Noir wines they tasted in St Lawrence. Of course, tBoW has covered the top Pinot Noir in Malibu several times. What is going on with Pinot Noir? This is supposedly a fickle grape that could not be grown south of Monterey in California. Richard Sanford proved that wrong! Now we are learning of decent examples from…Pennsylvania and Canada? Do not look for Blair Vineyards anytime soon at your favorite LA area wine store!