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Pinot Breath Clears the Air

spartacusmastersWEB.jpgIt must be the end of the first quarter in the new decade. Expectations for change are high. The White House has found its cojones and set a new tone for in-your-face confrontation. Whatever, it seems like it is time to clear the deck on several items of marginal interest for which discriminating palates have grown exceedingly tired and for whom or which time has run out. Hold on to your Pinot balloon bowl. We’re going head hunting. (more…)

Stuck on strange wines

Hotel Splendido Italy.jpgSome might say the wines reviewed below are wonderfully diverse covering the world of wine tasting. Let’s get real. These wines are from unusual places, even off the beaten path. tBoW hopes that is one of the reasons you visit this blahg. (more…)