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Tahoe Mishpocha Tasting: Teachin’ and Beachin’

later afternoon on the lake

late afternoon on the lake

Tahoe is to Alpine lakes like Barolo is to great red wines. Peerless. The whole damn fam assembled on the beach for 9 days. Nearly all the Young ‘Uns too; studying analogies for LSATs, living with parents hoping for a job in San Francisco, working their way through JUCOs on their way to a UC, finishing high school, and on and on and on. Good opportunity to pull corks. (more…)

Seasonal Spirit(s) Finally Arrive

U thought hanging lights on the house was hard

U thought hanging lights on the house was hard

Being Scrooge-like is fun a for awhile. With so many tasters [ed. he means Dotore & IGTY] taking it over the top, a backlash stance seems inevitable. We were at risk of going over the humbug cliff! With encouragement and cooperation from both sides of the cama Christmas Day can once again be the day for pals and family, eating tamales and ham and busting corks. (more…)

Humbug Holidays, Basketball Wives & a Riesling Rescue

b-wives3WEBMaybe it’s just me but the 2012 happy holidays has just about run its course and we are still a week ahead of December 25. Call me Humbug. Izit the older we get? Perhaps. Do not misunderstand the point here. Life is good. Being alive is good. The terrible tragedy of Newtown CT does not choose the day of occurrence. I just get less tolerant each year with the entire holiday zeitgeist. It seems to get harder and harder to buy in. Dotoré says Dec 21 is his favorite day because that is when he can begin counting down the mental march towards June 21, the longest day of the year, when he finds himself squarely in summer. (more…)

Cheap Riesling PLUS Dining in Ojai


Last week we covered the impending collapse in Burgundy prices. Some of the best evidence that a collapse is imminent among “top tier” wines and labels is what we have seen in German Riesling all summer long. The deals that have been offered to the tBoW Tasting Team [ed. Field Mouse, Kris-B] have been astounding. Check these out. (more…)

In the Summertime When the Weather is Fine…

Dotor√© can breathe easy again. IGTY is lounging in his pool. All is good in LA when the temps cross 90 for good. Here it is…the LA summer.
Early AM golf before you wilt and late dinners as the evening cools down to the 80s even the 70s. Life is good. Let’s pull corks on some panks and follow those with bright and biting acidic whites. Anything from Italy, Spain and Lodi will do. Drinkum up in the company of friends old and new. July 4th is here! Tell me more. Tell me more. (more…)