BEST Hollywood Chinese AND Riesling Tasting

Genghis Cohen is one of those industry insider restaurants where IF you knew…you WOULD know…you were IN the midst of some highly seasoned dealmakers and Chinese food. In this case the music biz. We are celebrating the birthday of one of the biggest dealmakers from the height of a now vaporized industry who has recently expanded his wine interests almost as widely as his musical tastes [ed. not to  mention the acts he signed from Janet Jackson to Sheryl Crow to Blues Traveler].  Which is to say he called for Riesling and Gewurtztraminer to go with the spicy fare at GC. In addition to a very lively dinner Papa Fred sampled from the following bottles.

2006 Reichsgraf von Kesselstaat Piesporter Goldtropfchen Kabinett $19: Botrytis affected wine has a distinct honey flavor that lingers. “A very hot and moist vintage” says Kris B who has suggested off-dry wines with some residual sugar to accompany the spicy fried tofu. Not a lot of acid but also not terribly plump. An aspiring opera singer. We mean the wine. Turned out to be tBoW’s favorite. U20-ish. 10.5%

2009 Klaus Meirer Kabinett $14: Thank goodness Riesling as back in the cellar! Purchased from Garagiste. This is the quintessential drink-it-up screw top wine. Lightweight, acidic, low alcohol. Apples and oranges.  Wonderful. 8.5%

2010 Bünchen Riesling Spatlese $14: More acidic than the 2006. Nice bright fruit neither citric or appley. Rascally. Does very well with the fare. 9%

2007 Bodega Colomé Torrontes Cafayette Valley $15: Have been waiting for this wine to come around for five years. She just don’t wanna. Oily, middle weight with two distinct flavor “zones” that do not blend; woody and jasmine-like. This is unlike other Torrontes wines we have tried. Lacks their fruitiness and bright acid. Expected much more given the Hess pedigree – same owner as Napa’s Hess Collection. Shoulda coulda wooda. Looks like we’re cooking with the other 2 bottles. 14%

2001 Albert Mann Gewurztraminer $19: Another top producer like above; here from the Alsace. Gewurtztraminer is the go-to grape for spicy Chinese food. Popular with the diners. Unfortunately, tBoW finds the wine is disjointed. Many parts are there but they just do not work well together. I am sure the birthday boy closed many deals in which he was happier to be done than to have acquired. Same here. End of an era. 13%

Do not wait for a birthday or especially to catch on with a major label to try out the scene and food at Genghis Cohen. It is a fun place that is especially good for celebrations with good friends and family. And bring your Rieslings!

LA is far from done with the music industry. The scene is strong. Webers in the Valley is running hard right now with an eclectic lineup from classic LA punk to the burgeoning rockabilly scene. Here are the Delta Bombers who put in a very strong effort as part of a Wild Records showcase Friday Feb 24. They cross Blasters with Los Lobos. Rockin’ in Belgium.


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    Kris-B says:

    Man, that Torrontes was terrible! I don’t even think it is worth cooking with!

    Correction: I believe I should have said that 2006 in the Mosel was just humid with tons of rot, because I don’t think it was actually that hot.

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      Bacchus says:

      The Torrontes was not sufficient for cooking. This is a concept often misunderstood. Cooking with wine is much like drinking wine. Better wine better drink, meal. Mrs tBoW once prepared a beef bourgogne with a 1998 Rostaing La Landonne. I was out of town otherwise this would never have transpired. She said it was the best beef bourgogne she ever made. Thanks for coordinating the event!

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