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Tahoe Mishpocha Tasting: Teachin’ and Beachin’

later afternoon on the lake

late afternoon on the lake

Tahoe is to Alpine lakes like Barolo is to great red wines. Peerless. The whole damn fam assembled on the beach for 9 days. Nearly all the Young ‘Uns too; studying analogies for LSATs, living with parents hoping for a job in San Francisco, working their way through JUCOs on their way to a UC, finishing high school, and on and on and on. Good opportunity to pull corks. (more…)

BEST Riesling Tasting and BEST Martini Recipe

Riesling Importer Royalty

Summer is winding down. Sun is going down earlier. Evenings are chilling down and college football has started. Things are pretty much slipping into place for the Fall and Holiday season. Not so fast. Before we can put on the slippers and robe and dive into the recliner here came a quiet surprise. Local wine retailer Woodland Hills Wine Company recently hosted what looked to be an incredible tasting of Riesling wines. WHWCo is known for hosting all star importers such as Louis/Dressner and Becky Wasserman. Call this crew the Riesling all stars. tBoW dashed over after the UCLA Rose Bowl disaster [ed. Neuheisel? Would have to be a Nahe vineyard], plunked down the $29 tasting fee for the chance to finally meet Bill Mayer whose import company is the Age of Riesling. Glad we did. (more…)