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Quality Wines That Define the New Era of Value

Minerve in the Languedoc

What a wonderful eclectic selection of wines we have for you! We cover the territory tBoW likes to traverse. From Southern France to Burgundy we have found values. And they are currently available if you hunt now. So put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and get on the Internet! Or if you live in LA drive to your local wine vendor or straight to Palate Wine. Bring cash! (more…)

GREAT Summer Prospects & SUPER Online Vendors

wine angel

U20s abound. We are proud to point out thebestofwines saw the trophy-wine-bubble bursting urrlllyy on. Way ahead of the trend…a trend not set as deep, perhaps, as current real estate prices. When will our multi-million dollar homes and those fat home equity credit lines come back? Only when $350 Napa Cabernets become hard to acquire. Right now they are simply hard to find. Try China [ed. “wine angels” are supposedly the hot ticket in Beijing and Shanghai]. In the meantime the thoughtful oenophile can sample from a slew of retailers’ bargain bins PLUS the gemstone picks by some very savvy online/email vendors. Here are three we like [ed. with thanks to alert tBoW team taster Krisses!] (more…)