Stupid Bore Rescued by Blackout & Wine Spectacle



God I hate the Super Bowl. Then a miracle occurs! There are SO MANY low points to the game. Ray Lewis’ canned postgame comments. The super entertaining halftime show. But when the commentators had to ad lib for 34 minutes as the crowd sat in darkness… divine justice.



In Dante’s new Hell watching the Super Bowl is definitely somewhere in the maelstrom. Waiting to watch each commercial. Who started this rush to fill a void? I must be a curmudgeon cuz I also cannot stand the Oscars. Is Carnival Lines producing these stupid and boring events? Will Beyonce lipsynch or won’t she? I would rather eat bowls of spicy tofu in Alhambra every day for a week. At least I could cleanse my colon. I fear we are all permanently damaged from psychically consuming this entertainment bilge.

Thank god for wine and a Super Hostess. I hope your Stupid Bore spread was as inspired as hers. Here is what got poured and consumed not counting the 34 minute blackout when we all napped (below).

masperla07WEB2007 Masperla Priorat $18: This wine was opened late so it was already an underdog getting more points than Dotoré gave the Ravens. However, this wine finished better than the Niners. Sinewy, lean, crisp fruit. Smokiness. Too focused for the ladies. Not enough fruit for IGTY. Just right for the remainder. Mostly Grenache which is outside the Super Bowl palate. Ths hilly region in Spain requires investigation beyond 16 words. It all adds up to promising wine which is nicely fulfilled in this bottle. A true U20 deal. Saw the crate on eBay for $15. No kidding. 14%

paganico05WEB2005 Podere Paganico Brunello di Montalcino $45: Brick red color. Medium wieght. 100% Sangiovese, sweetish [ed. Scandinavian wine?], a bit tannic and acidic, sharp cinnamon-like fruit flavors. IGTY gets these at Total Wine where he is the coupon maven. I am sure he got this half-off. I like the Total Yawn reviews. I can see where they appeal to the no-nonsense in a buyer in 20 or feweer words. In fact they lifted the 16 words from a Wine Speculator review! “…elegant style… This fresh red shows grip on the lingering finish of spice and sweet fruit.” Brunello is the historical name for Sangiovese grown near the town of Montalcino… since at least the 15th century. Wines with the Brunello di Montalcino name signifies they are 100% Sangio juice from the region. At $25 we had a perfectly aged Tuscan bottle of wine. 14%

SerreNuove09WEB2009 Le Serre Nuove dell’Ornellaia $49: Everybody loved this wine. IGTY loves Super Tuscans so all you have do is “soopertuxin” and he’s sold. The wine was much more pleasing than the commercials. Also competed with the game for pure pleasure. Shows good strong weight. Dense feel. Dark color. tBoW covered this wine recently. House favorite. S-M-O-O-T-H. A mouthful of Bolgheri Bordeaux. Ornellaia on top of its game. 14%

Super Bowl blacks out viewers

Super Bowl blacks out home viewers too


  1. Wavatar
    igty says:

    you’re wrong about dante’s levels of hell. amongst the worst is listening to you complain watching the academy awards. as santa didn’t bring coal this year, as proff of me being a good boy, i get a pass on this tortureous experience this year.
    praise the lord!

  2. Wavatar
    Bacchus says:

    You wrote Santa. Aren’t you Satan? Even whining was exhausting on Stupor Sunday as the image proves.

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