Xmas to New Years, Le Ka Restaurant Review

young'uns2012WEBNothin’ left of 2012 but the memories. The fiscal cliff, the NFL season, Steve Nash’s return date…all yesterday’s headlines. How was New Years Eve? Memorable or forgettable? We are looking forward to 2013 and more and more U20 wines, Largené, the Krisses in Piemonte, and a return of the Field Mouse. Now that he converted us to white Rhones and Pennsylvania Pinot Noir we need to be regaled again for missing other little known regions. It could be make-or-break year on many fronts…including wine. Soon as the Eno Merchant comes online we will be announcing and buying. While he is getting ready Mr. G has provided a restaurant review below of a new hot LA dining spot. Forewarned is fore-armed. We also plan to feature more tasting notes from our newest tBoW team tasters the Young’uns, Their awesome [ed. young’un speak] palates are ready and willing. God Bless’em!

Here is how 2012 wrapped.

NespoliSangio07WEB2007 Poderi del Nespoli Sangiovese di Romagna di Prugneto $15: The fragrance of ripe pressed fruit jumps out of the glass. Cranberry and spice. Ripe and tannic. We produce the aerator and the change occurs. Almost Amarone, i.e. sun dried on straw mats however we are fairly certain it was not – in style. What we like once again is the low alcohol. No mistaking this as classic Old World wine. Cool ass Joe Friday label. Just the facts ma’am. U20!! 13.5%

cadecall2010WEB2010 Ca de Calle Red Wine Mendoza $20: An atypical blend of Malbec (70%, Tempranillo (16%), Syrah (12%) and Petit Verdot (2%). The fact that the winemaker chose to blend these varietals can be read in itself as a commitment to making the best wine possible form the grapes at hand; which is what the label declares. One just does not see this attention in bottles of Argentine red wine. So how did it work out? A big, jovial ripe and unctuous mouthful. has the citric nose and flavors associated with Lujan de Cyo (check out Lujan Rosé below). Excellent wine especially if you like a big balanced and not overblown red. Another winner from Southern Wine Group. 14%

2011 Phebus Malbec Rose Fabre Montmayou $13: The producer gets great shelf space in the top wine stores without a ton of advertising because what is in the bottle is plenty good. And the price point is pretty good. This Rosé is between dark pink and orange in color. The flavor is crisp with a semblance to grapefruit. Good acid. Citric quality associated with Lujan de Cuyo [ed. repeating yourself]. 13.5%

About that restaurant review…hopefully this is the first of …others…


Le Ka Restaurant and Lounge is the new hot stop in downtown LA. Chef Remi is from Bacara to Citrus by way of a couple of foodie smart shops you never heard of. His menu features local products farm to table, charcuterie, rilletes in jars, pork belly.

almost drooling

chicken makes me drool

Where I have seen this before? Palate. Space is loud and expansive. New crowd buzz abounds. Rustic French food, looks good if not very exciting. Wine list OK. Service slow enough to serve plates cold. Place is big so it might take a minute to expedite. If you want to check it out, avoid the weekend.

Dotoré and Mr. G suggest starting 2013 with some live jazz….before the genre disappears like so many b’ak’tuns.


  1. So you liked my little Mendoza rose—mmm–love the tart notes — on the taste spectrum to me, it registers in the exact middle between a Spanish style darker blush and the more delicate Provence mainstream… a bargain at that price indeed.


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      Bacchus says:

      In the past 18 mos. Fabre Montmayou has claimed eye-level shelf space in the Argentine section of fine wine shops. I have never seen this pinky however. Quality is up with the other FM offerings. Since you left it behind I thought I should pop it!

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