Summertime wines…where’s the heat?

The weather has been fussier than a sommelier looking at a bottle of Two Buck Chuck a customer brought in. 90 degrees this week; 60 the next. Perfect Spring weather in the mid-70s last week then drizzling today. Late Spring should be when you put together Rosés and bright acidic fun White wines for the long hot summer haul just around the corner. But no. Make the most of every day. This is the perfect time to clear out the wine reviews that have not been transferred to the blogosphere. The odd lot wines for an odd lot late Spring include some pink wines from late last summer to get us all in the mood.

2006 Surh Luchtel Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir $26: Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir made by a couple of wine buddies who source the fruit, bought in Reno. My local wine merchant and long time collector who used to be the #1 buyer of the most collectible Napa Cabernets and 1st Growth Bordeaux in the state – until he hired a guy who directed his palate to Pinot Noir and Burgundy – says his favorite Pinot Noirs are from the Russian River. This wine is ruby red, has cola flavors. It is light on its feet for a New World Pinot. Great with duck and scallops. May never see it again. 14.7%

2008 Castel di Salve Santi Medici Rosato $15: Bought this at favorite Venice wine shop ElVino. A Rosé made from Negroamaro the hearty dark native grape of Puglia. That sold me. And the incredible almost hot pink color. Taste the green-ness countering the naturally dark fruit. Fashions a light middle weight dry pinkie with some belly. Masculine. 13%

1993 Silvio Grasso Ciabot Manzoni Barolo $70: From La Morra’s great producer and one of the two early great vintages of the 90s. Fig newtons from this perfectly aged classic wine. Light weight and delicate. Where Barolo meets Burgundy. Loading up on these Barolo vintages from an array of producers was a very good move. 13%

2009 Chateau de Puligny Montrachet Bourgogne Ros√© de Pinot Noir $18: Tasted this off a restaurant wine list. Had to find it and lucky we did. Sour cherries, tart with cherry fruit. Pale salmon color. One of those pinkies where the color sells it [ed. see Castel di Salve above]. Love this wine. Imported by Beaune Imports. Best of class in summer 2010. Will be on the lookout for this summer’s release. 12%

2009 Frédéric Magnien Bourgogne Rosé $16: Imported by North Berkeley. The manly side of the Puligny pink. More heft. Creamy with stuffing. Not as acidic. I prefer the acid in the Puligny. Very nice wine but came in #2! 13%

2008 Uvaggio Lodi Vermentino $12: Jim Moore is making some of the best value and best tasting wines in the state. Bright flavors, limestone, no grassy qualities. Some spice. The perfect wine on Lake Tahoe in the afternoon in August. Please take notice this is two years released and going strong! Oh…and Wine Potentate Jancis Robinson agrees with tBoW. 12%

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