Say hello to my little friends

the_world_is_yours_2.jpgScarface loses the election and gazes on our new world of economic chaos and the unavoidable destruction of a false history. tBoW apologizes for his morose mood. While I am happy with our presidential choice and hope his long coattail brings with it sweeping changes in our economy and political culture, I know the road ahead will be very rough.
Well. Let’s talk about wines.
2006 Magnien Bourgogne $30: What’s not to like? If you ever want to know the difference between old and new world Pinot Noir here it is. tBoW says this entry level wine is perfect because (1) the price/quality ratio is there, 2) the wine is very nicely made, and (3) it will drink well for a few years. Concentrated dark fruit we seldom see domestically (excepting McKenzie Mueller and other certain Carneros styles). Good spine-firming tannins. I held it four days after which it showed a spiciness. Selected by the team at North Berkeley Wine through their Beaune Wine Club which is one club I kept because they always send wines that have great price/quality ratio, $75 every other month. Delicious. 13%
anglimvignoierBN2005.jpg2005 Anglim Viognier BIen Nacido $~25: Steve Anglim makes two Viogniers one each from Bien Nacido and Fralich vineyards. The Fralich is local to Paso and Bien Nacido is in northern SB County. Purchased this in Paso. Anglim did not have a “visiting” winery then. He had a retail shop in the train station. That was when he did everything from tend vines to bottle to pack cases to hand sell. He may still be doing it! This is a pretty tasty example of Central Coast Viognier. More candy cane than feline. Nice if you like Viognier. The alcohol, which is typically Paso, does not overwhelm. 15.3%
CdV PN 2000.jpeg
2000 Clos du Val Estate Carneros Pinot Noir
~$30: A guest brought this to dinner. Nice pick. Has the dark Carneros fruit reminiscent of a McKenzie Mueller Pinot Noir. By comparison, Acacia Carneros Pinot Noirs are quite fruity, a style that is not as attractive to tBoW. At 8 years it was showing very nicely. Cinammon and smoke are vineyard characteristics and present here. Clos du Val, started by Bernard Portet, is 35 years old, a real Valley veteran from the 70s boom years. They have 150 acres in Stags Leap and 180 in Carneros. He knew he wanted to make a Napa Cabernet and a Carneros Pinot Noir. Cannot fault his judgment. Clearly the Cab line is more successful. One rarely sees or hears from the PN line. A bit more rustic in style, earthiness not barnyard. Fell apart a bit after 90 minutes. Who knew Clos du Val had vineyard in Southern Napa? 13.8%

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