Businessmen Drink My Wine, Plowmen Dig My Earth: Best Reviews in Dylan Voice

Dotor√© and tBoW were pondering the pop hit F*CK YOU by Cee Lo Green. What used to be called a “catchy” pop beat comes right outta the 60s. Soul era visual signals are all over the video. The lyrics show Tin Pan Alley chops: “I picture the fool that falls in love with you; (oh shit she’s a gold digger).” The obvious hook is the expletive once unspeakable in polite company, now suitable for tweeners’ iPods. But, how does this all stack up to the¬†lyricist of our generation, Bob Dylan? After all, Mr. Zimmerman wrote lots of f*ck yous in his day. They were just hidden behind layers of imagery and required some interpretation. You know something’s going on but you don’t what it is…

2009 Domaine Jean-Claude Lapalu Brouill Cuvee Vielles Vignes $19: A Napoleon in rags. Big rep with caution in a spectacular vintage is $20 down the shitter. This baby had brettanomyces bad.

2001 Clendenen Family Vineyard Nebbiolo $40: Relatively low alcohol for Santa Maria. Picked up in a floor clearance bin; lot of one. Well Jim the Dude said to his partners in crime I got forty red and white bottles of wine. And a thousand telephones silent all the time. Do you know where a brother can make a dime. That’s why it’s in the floor bin. 13.5%

2006 Vincent Girardin Savigny les Beaune Serpentieres Premier Cru $25: This wine was getting blown out all over the place end of 2010. Now we know why. At a third off it is done. Toast, finito. This kind of wine gives Burgundy a bad name. Or at least Savigny. No bargains there. Dylan had  this to  say about  searching for red Burgundy. Now the wintertime is coming. The windows are filled with frost. I went to tell everybody. But I could not get across. Well, I wanna be your lover, baby. I don’t wanna be your boss. Don’t say I never warned you. When your train gets lost.

2003 Babcock Cargasacchi Pinot Noir $unavailable: The last 750 ml bottle. Tasted this wine for a decade waiting for it to finally come together. Like a prodigal child. It finally came together. Still have a magnum. When we meet again introduced as friends please don’t let on that you knew me when.

1999 Donatella Colombini Brunello di Montalcino Prime Donna $50: Made by a team of women winemakers. Gingerbread on the nose. Chocolate and cherries  in the mouth. Queen Mary, she’s my friend. Yes, I believe I’ll go see her again. One of the most memorable Brunellos in memory. Yeh. That makes sense. Memorable memory.

Martin Short loves Dylan especially when he can be Jerry Lewis expressing his enthusiasm for the bard.


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    igty says:

    what a change of pace. 1 of your selections is below $20.
    did you forget the charter of your blog?
    now you’re music critics?
    stick with vino, at least then you and your doctore buddy can mooch some wine tastings—-i doubt the site will get you into a 50 Cent performance as a journalist.

  2. Wavatar
    doctore says:

    Stunned at the viscious response by igty. Clearly doesn’t appreciate illusion. alliteration, and imagination. So dogmatic he probably thinks that what determines the wine is the shape of the bottle. Tangled up in blue, indeed.

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    tBoW says:

    Maybe he loves Jerry and took umbrage at Martin Short’s wonderful impression?

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      MOUSE says:

      I had never seen or heard of Cee Lo Green until the Grammys. I was fucking blown away. One of the more entertaining songs I’ve ever seen on the tube, despite Gwyneth SubParlo. Go on youtube and watch his uncensored verson on – i kid you not – The Ellen Show. I work with a bunch of musicians and now they’re doing their own renditions of F U on their geetars.

      Who’s Dylan?

      ps – be nicer to Vincent. He has reasonably priced Burgs, unlike Madame Gros.

  4. Wavatar
    tBoW says:

    I thought of linking Cee Lo on the blog but I might want to work for a public school one day.

  5. Wavatar
    tBoW says:

    Watch for low low low priced bargains coming up including a Verdejo and Ribera del Duero for $10 and a $15 Tasmanian Pinot Noir for $15. Apparently, the shit is starting to really hit the fan as distributors seek to clear their warehouse space.

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