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Officially Summer: Playboy Jazz, Grub and Vin!!

jazz_beautiesWEBFather’s Day in LA means the Playboy Jazz Festival is kicking it at the Hollywood Bowl all weekend. What you get is a sun soaked day with food from Joan’s On Third and plenty of wine from both tBoW cellars [ed. including Dotorés “cabinet” once again bursting at the seams] and great live music, and LA’s most “diverse” collection of silly old folks testing the boundaries of self-control. Photos and wine reviews tell the tale. (more…)

A Grand Old Party of Second String Wines

Politics and wine do not go together. Like discussing religious views with dinner guests. Unless everybody agrees. We know there are those who will disagree with characterizing the set of wines below as second and third string, less than top rung, much like the current GOP field of candidates. The wines reviewed in this post show all the shortcomings of a Cain, Perry or Santorum; as forgettable as Pawlenty; and as phony as Gingrich. (more…)

Viva the Vs! Vinho Verde and Verdelho wines!

We think summer is the perfect time for drinking Ros√©s and bright acidic Albarinos and Italian Pigatos along with other Ligurian whites. Not so fast you cock-a-roaches. Please say hello to my little friends from Portugal and Southern Spain – the Vees of white wines. tBoW was awash in these copa Blancos or as they say in Portugal copa Brrrranco for two breakneck weeks. Thank goodness this corner of Europe believes in late lunch washed down with a bright, crisp well-chilled white wine that tastes like nothing we have ever had. Albarino has more acid and a rice-like quality. These V wines are pure citrus. Vinho Verde comes from Portugal and is leaner than Verdelho which comes from Spain which is more gentle but only by comparison. Verdelho would dance the flamenco on your typical Sauvignon Blanc. (more…)

M√∂tley Cr√ºe wines: rockin’ suprises and a golden oldie

they have a wine

Poker players like to say “I’d rather be lucky than good.” Is this just another way of saying you do something often enough you’re bound to fall into something good sometime? Vince Neil and his band were very very lucky. They made superb RnR and at some point Vince made a wine. We have not tasted it. But we do have a motley assortment of other wine odds and ends. [ed. Dude that would have been cool tasting the Cr√ºe wine. I thought you knew people.] (more…)

Top Summer Wines For Any Season Especially Summer 2010

BizewinemakersWEB.jpgSome of the better wines tasted recently. Ain’t summer grand?
2007 Bera Canelli Moscato d’Asti
$15 (?): A Louis/Dressner Selection which almost always bodes well. This bottle was left over from summer 2009 in tBoW’s cellar and from 2008 on the store shelf! In other words, a Moscato d’Asti ain’t supposed to go past its release summer and here we have one two seasons over the limit. At three years old it was showing plenty of flavors of peaches and ripe pear juice. Light weight, delicate spritz and at this alcohol level don’t we have to get the current release? Delicious. 5% (more…)