Let me clear my throat.

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The backlog of wines tasted and notes written is now presented for your consideration. No quid pro quo has been made in exchange for any further tasting of wine products. the recent arrival of Uvaggio wines notwithstanding.

Lettie Teague [tbow: Wall Street Journal wine writer] has written about the wisdom of buying the importer if one is looking for a shrotcut to selecting winners. Label style might suffice in certain cases. For example, the Boxler wines we recently purchased from Teague-noted importer Kermit Lynch have superb labels. The price was so right and the label held such appeal to classic old world sentiments we could not resist. Good old Kermit. Still leading the pack from Hawaii.

2017 Boxler Riesling Réserve $60: Kermit Lynch offered this bottle as part of an all-time special of 6 mixed bottles for $180. 13.5%. This is the first opened. Now we are on an Alsatian binge. Lime, freshness with depth. Long finish. Hairy in an Alsatian manner…like the huntsman in Maleficent. And the label is ultra old school cool.

2012 Diess Riesling $25 in Delaware [ed. Wine Searcher, good luck finding this]: Picked off the wine list at Republique, a pricey dining spot without even one Michelin star…but a superb wine list. Vlad the somm helped tBoW pick this value Alsatian. The softer complement to the hardy Boxler [ed. tBoW too chicken to go with gender similes]. Not quite delicate but definitely charming. Think middle of the night Classic Arts Showcase ballet or cello performance. Sweeter where Boxler would be savory…although Boxler was too complex to be reduced to culinary terms [ed. hey! at least no mention of hints or notes.]

Rioja Taste Off!! Spontaneously held once tBoW saw there were copious amounts of 2006 Rioja wines in the revamped cellar. Pull those corks! Tote those bales!! Clear those bins!!!

2006 Lopez de Heredia Vina Tondonia Reserva $40 in my local wineshop, 13% [ed. ghat would be Woodland Hills Wine Co]. Candy nose? Body like Venus WIlliams, taught, toned, fluid. Long finish. Needed time to open. With time a sweetness came on.

2006 Beronia Reserva 13%. Was ~$30 when last available. Tighter than the LdH Tondonia. Tight when opened. Nose black licorice. Forty minutes full of cherries and dark red plum. The lesser alongside the Lopez however all things considered…we preferred Beronia.

THREE BAD BOYS. The three wines below were purchased on a road trip to NoCal. Each one sucked. The implications for  impending arrivals of German Pinot Noir is officially of concern. We need to do a “mulvaney;” i.e., tell the godawful truth then walk it back.

CA NV Proprietary Blend $15. Big red for the tooth stainers and throat blasters. Recommended as perfect complement for grilled steak. Sounds fine except tBoW don’t eat meat.

And if he did it would be pork and that would go great with a Boxler Alsatian. Parker and Wilfred Wong have plenty of sycophants who will run out and buy this wretched bottle. All I can say is the relatively small production at 15K cases is notable. And he price is fair. For heartier palates than mine. Gimme Uvaggio. Drink Jim Moore’s reds with fish!

2015 Villa Wolf Pinot Noir $15 and Markus Prackwieser Gump Hof Praesulis Pinot Noir $35. tBoW thought he might

get a preview of the cases of Pinot Noir wines he has coming from Deutschland. God we hope and pray these wines are not emblematic of those wines which arrive in 4 to 6 weeks. These Pinot Noir wines afe not Burgundies. I guess we should know that. However, how can we not presume the wines from the heated up Rhineland are not AKIN to Burg wines? Oh woe is we if these are any kind of hint what we will find.

Let us pray…


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    Kris-B says:

    Most German Pinot sucks. You cannot buy it blindly. The fascinating with extraction and oak still reigns supreme among many German winemakers, although there are cracks starting to appear in the facade. Take your own advice and buy the importer (Fass) to avoid disasters.

    • Now you tell me! I am loaded up with Fass arriving next month. The two reviewed were purchased at Jacksons Wines in Lafayette (NoCal) which is a reputable shop. How could they make such a blunder? I know. Playing to suckas like u-no-hoo. Ultimate tasting your place for all Fass products!

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    Mous4 says:

    I have had good luck with the Germans attributable to global warming of course

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