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Summer Time and Summer Wine

JEff_CasanovaWEB2Dotoré can finally exhale. The summer has arrived. Even though the official Summer Equinox is June 21 ’round these parts shit is here already. Temps in 90s, hot tub running, goff any day we like. It is time to pay serious attention to bright whites, cool reds and pink ladies. (more…)

BEST of Weird Wines and Weirder Golf

Eighty degrees on a summer evening with a crowd of weird tasters and weird wines serving grilled food is a recipe for entertainment. Weird wines AND weird foods crosses the line. The extra WEIRD was delivered by the US Open golf tournament held at the Olympic Club in San Francisco, hosted by the USGA. These regulatory sourpusses provided more than enough weirdness for a national audience. I will make this brief but it must be said. The USGA is beyond starchy. These guardians of the ancient game make it plain that shooting par is a good score to win the national open tournament. To put it in wine terms this is like Robert Parker saying wines should strive to taste the same. Wait. He does say that…big and fruity and alcoholic. (more…)

Tablas Creek: BEST of California Rhone Country

Paso Sunshine

Hand over the mantle of leadership for Rhone style wine-making to the Tablas Creek team. Something has happened in Paso and we need to understand how…somehow. A region that once struggled to overcome vegetal Cabernets and tomato-flavored Pinot Noir is the zenith of New World Rhone style wines. No more fruit bombs. Plenty of spine and grip. And lush fruit. (more…)

Looking for Pinot, Finding Counoise

Let me get this out of the way at the very beginning‚ÄîI was not the guy to send to the Rhone Rangers Los Angeles tasting on August 8. I have written about my skepticism regarding the quality and style of these almost exclusively Central Coast wines, and how my palate leans towards wines that are delicate, nuanced, more ‚Äúfeminine‚Äù. No jammy blockbusters here! [ed. Dotor√© graciously agreed to report on the LA Rhone Rangers Wine Event so tBoW might lounge elsewhere guilt free.] (more…)

Labor Day space trade

yquem tradeADJ2.jpgLabor Day is the nominal “end-of-summer” holiday. Of course, we know summer can last another 6 to 8 weeks easily. And we want it to. This summer tBoW converted to the Church of Chenin Blanc. Blame tBoW taster/blogger Mouse who got it all started with two tastings in July. After tasting through a couple Coteaux de Layons and a Quarts de Chaume it all became clear. This was enough to prompt tBoW to trade the remainder of his vintage Sauternes holdings for a bunch of Coteaux du Layon and Quarts de Chaume wines. I do not think I will ever look back. [ed. what tBoW traded above; what he got below] (more…)