Glory night & sights for sore eyes

Election night
and Mr. & Mrs. tBoW are at Casa Dotor√© watching the inevitable results roll in. Teary eyes brimming with joy as compulsive critics made assessments of TV bombast; each network attempting to capture more viewing eyes with “spectacular” sets and grander gimmicks.Kind of like trophy wines!!
The most “spectacular” TV piece was Wolf Blitzer’s hologram interview of Will.I.Am. Sorry. I could only find Jessica Yellin. Not sure what this accomplished other than “cool”. Remember when Wolfie broadcast from the roof of his Baghdad Hotel in 1990 as Desert Storm kicked off? Low-of-the-low tech videos with a night vision camera looking out his hotel room window…and it was riveting. Hmm.

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In 2008 Wolf worked the CNN and CNBC shared set. The photo at top does not do justice to the red white and blue color scheme that was probably best appreciated in the company of Hunter Thompson. But he’s dead.
rock ice election 2008.jpg
The “big winnah” was CBS who tricked out the Rockefeller Center ice rink as an election map. Now that was a cool idea. It is good to know some creative folks find a way to do something fabulously goofy on a national stage.
It was a night to remember for the outcome…and the wines…but it was all over before we popped the champagne. We went ahead with our plan anyway. Y’know we had a feeling.
Clape Cornas 2003 TALL.jpg2003 Clape Cornas $80 to $100: Been holding onto this one awhile. Dotor√© said bring something that would celebrate and commemorate the Obama Rama Lama Ding Dong. This was tBoW’s selection. And it did not disappoint. Syrah from one of the top three Southern Rhone winemakers, and possibly the least known in the USA but well known inside the neighborhood. Read about Clape here. Extracted says Dotor√©. A soft wine at peak level. Very well developed. Slightly tannic and even somewhat rustic. Not much of a nose. Unpolished but with depth and appeal. Top of the crest. Will open and can still go further. I would like to find it again. Worthy of the evening. 14%
Ridge MB 2000.png2000 Ridge Montebello $120 today: The classic Bordeaux blend – 75% Cab Sauv, 23% Merlot – from Santa Cruz and their flagship [ed. premium] label. The 2000 vintage disappointed those who wanted “commemorative” century wines, but not at Ridge. His top brand was one of the best among the notable Cabernet blends in 2000. The wine is showing mentholatum with lean and intense flavors. The wine is high toned as usual. Perfectly balanced. A California wine all the way and the best our state has to offer. When wine writers wax nostalgic about Napa reds they always include Ridge Montebello as a “first growth”. tBoW and Dotor√© have been blessed to taste Montebello in many vintages and it never disappoints. Even works with the BBQ. 13.4%
MTurgy Reserve NV.jpgMichel Turgy NV Blanc de Blancs Réserve Selection Brut $45: Yeasty nose, citric flavors. Has vanilla cream. Toasty quality which is always nice. Creme brulee and lemon rind. Perfect for dessert. Liked this bottle alot. 100% Chardonnay.
So that was election night. Now all we have to do is get through the next 24 months.

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