Bottlenecks & Gullets: Rioja Double Mag

1995 Roda I ‘en mag doble’. Wow. Was this perfect. More than good. So much can go wrong when a wine is stored two decades. Temp control is key, then moisture so the cork does not dry out. DONE.

The cork split anyway. Corkscrew was insufficient length. Double mag calls for special tools. Where was Dotore? He knows how to pull things out of bottlenecks and gullets. The wine was so perfect all concerns were quickly forgotten. Balanced. Plums and beets. More but words fail us. Most importantly it was good to the last drop. Two fine young fellas saw to that.

I guess we all realize the world changes. When we saw the image below we could not help but recall how images of Chinese women in uniform once were portrayed…especially compared to that which appeared in a national newspaper this week. See below.

The New China. I wonder what would be the consequences if these modern Chinese women decided to kneel in Tiananmen Square before May Day? The costumes are not quite the SC cheer squad…but…it seems obvious old school revolutionary zeal has dissipated.

The Old China. Mister we could use a rapper like Mau Say Tongue again. Check me out. I’m from peeyongyang. My hair is flyin like a mustang. We dig toe shoes and lotsa rifles. That Kim dood is one crraaazzy mufukka.

Here is something to ponder while awaiting the November Classic [baseball knucklehead!!!]. Which pro league locates in China first; NBA or NFL? What?? Ice hockey? Futbol already dominating. Parting shot: TGJ (The Glass Jar) thinks Le Gran Cheeto is fair game when it comes to wine humor. Hell yeh…


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    Adri says:

    I smiled when I saw your photo. You look great, and that certainly is a fab looking bottle.

    You’re right about The Big Cheeto being fair game for wine humor. And he does not drink…

    I sure do remember The Old China, and those ballet dancers brought back so many memories. Those Maoist dancers were China’s answer to the Soviet ballet dram movement… only the Soviets were better, and they still are, althoug we no longer can call them Soviets. God, Puitn, there’s a topic for discussion. Like I said, we need to talk.

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    Bacchus says:

    The new tBoW has succeeded when Adri replies often with education material for all tboW readers. Here is link to Soviet Drama movement.

    I was all in with Communism until I learned art needed to be regulated to reflect “correct ideals.” As old pal The Rez used to say oy gevay.


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    Adri says:

    Oy, please forgive my misspellings. I was overcome. Soviet balletdram was really something. So many great artists were subsumed under its soul-crushing, self-denying choreography. And yet some Soviet artists soared above it all and flourished. Go figure… I enjoy little of it, but there’s a topic that must wait until we meet again. We must talk. It’s terrific to read your writing, an experience only matched, but not exceeded, by drinking the wines you discuss. I hope everyone is well, and I truly miss you all.

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    Adri says:

    Addendum – Reading THe Daily BEast piece I was reminded of this truly remarkable video of a 21 year old Baryshnikov being coached for Vestris by Yakobson and in performance of same (much mention of this work in the Daily Beast piece.) It is 2 1/2 minutes well spent. Dig it.

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    Bacchus says:

    Fabuloso…esp the b/w opener getting the face just right…I have updated the link…

    What kind of wine is a Baryshnikov? Old World for certain. Russian czars hoarded champagne esp Roederer Cristal which was shipped to the Romanovs by quantities I am unable to estimate. Here is a link to a n=barely acceptable story on the whole royal paranoid matter.

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