Hi everybody! I’m Marvin and I like cheap wines!

I am still trying to get used to the new awareness of U20 wines. Of course, I am referring to the robust lists of wines in the Wine Speculator under $20 in red, white, and pink. Looks like a couple hundred. If I wasn’t so damn cheap I would buy the magazine and see for myself. However, the gap between tBoW and the Wine SpectatorJulia mouth openCROP.jpg is wider than Julia Roberts’ smile especially when her mouth is open. My god.
I also am not keen on using WS for attention. Honestly. I just find it odd that these lists appear in the same issue – or at least in the same cognitive world – as Tasting Six Years of Screaming Eagle and the demise of the Wine Cask store and restaurant in Santa Barbara due to the economic collapse. [ed. does this mean the futures tasting is finally finished?] Makes one wonder how the subscription curve for the flagship of “lifestyle wine” has trended in the past 12 months.
Robert Mondavi made the Wine Spectator possible. Mondavi created the wine lifestyle genre just like Francis Ford Coppola created cascading scene crescendos to close a film. Marvin Shanken saw the opportunity to create a Rolling Stone for wine as glamorous lifestyle. (more…)