Bracketology for Vinifera

trojans hoops2.jpg
March Madness officially starts next week
but at tBoW we are already in high gear. Sixty-five teams will be seeded based on the subjective assessment of a panel of experts who weigh a bucketful of factors never disclosed that determine whether a team plays in the season’s biggest tournament or not. Something like judging wines at a State Fair. Or reading the Wine Advocate.
This week tBoW reviews a number of bottles “on the bubble” [ed. as opposed to bubbly wines] and a few top seeds. There are always upsets (go Trojans) but this year there are few clear cut favorites. The public has its preferences but the field, in wine, has been leveled by the e-c-o-n-o-m-y. Our cellar dwellers are no losers by a long shot (check out the 2 Baroli). (more…)