Quality & Value trumps the Old Razzle Dazzle!!

As the Presidential campaign comes to a crushing close we are asked to focus our remaining attention muscles on voting. tBoW urges every reader to follow the same principles in voting that we advocate in selecting wines. People who “buy the label” will vote for the candidate with most seductive TV ads. They will be as disappointed in their candidate as they will in their wines, forced to utter platitudes and faith-based claims that they made a great choice. Folks who read a little will buy a wine for which they have a pretty good idea what will come out of the bottle. They will vote with what’s left in their wallets for a balance between quality and value to the consumer. Trust and value and an informed position. Not the “razzle dazzle” Chris Matthews has tattooed on the McCain campaign. [ed. cantcha see Sarah P in this? yoobethca!] (more…)