Portland Indie Wine Fest 2010: Queen of the Ball!

J_KpickersWEB.jpg tBoW has a soft spot for Et Fille wines. I know why, too. Discovering Et Fille wines at the 2009 PIWF should be enough reason for our enchantment with the project.
The wines are all sourced from premium vineyards in the Willamette Valley. The winemaking style is perfect for the palates of the tBoW tasting team. Of course we have only tasted two vintages! (more…)

tBoW Hot Wine News Flash: Dewey Kelly Is Staying…he ain’t going anywere…mostly

tBoW really likes Dewey Kelly’s wines
…at least the 2006 and 2007 vintages of his eponymous label and the 2008 Ribbon Ridge VIneyards Pinot Noir. We wrote about it in 2009 and again this year following the Portland Indie Wine festival or PIWF.
We also reported something we heard that 2009 would be Dewey Kelly’s last vintage making any wine, at least for sale. He would be selling off all his fruit and letting other capable winemakers work with his carefully tended and, apparently, much admired Pinot Noir grapes.
NOT SO…at least not exactly. (more…)