Stuck on strange wines

Hotel Splendido Italy.jpgSome might say the wines reviewed below are wonderfully diverse covering the world of wine tasting. Let’s get real. These wines are from unusual places, even off the beaten path. tBoW hopes that is one of the reasons you visit this blahg. (more…)

Dotor√© roasts Paso wine… loves the duck

You read it here second!!! Guest blogger Dotor√© touches down in Paso Robles, one of California’s premium and under-appreciated regions. He tastes. He knoshes. He leaves. He reviews a couple wines by name along with some nice places to eat when driving through the area. I don’t think he will be stopping there again. He also shares some of his most private thoughts on how to maintain a healthy marriage. All in all a very strong post!
Mrs. Dotoré and I spent last weekend in to the Central Coast. The trip crystallized my thoughts about the region, in general, and, specifically, the wines grown there.
First, for those expecting specific wine reviews in this missive, there will be few. In fact, let’s get them out of the way early. (more…)

Sideways in Paso Robles

My dear Cuban amigo and muy talented artist Iggy-tones writes: “Lately I’ve been traveling up to Shell Beach in the Central Coast because I currently have for sale a two bedroom house that I own. The house is a block and a half from the shore. The whole area of the Central Coast is growing grapes. Do you have some recommendation of interesting wines and wineries to visit on one of my trips there?” (more…)

2 hand picked wines under $20

You may have noticed that for a wine blog touting wines under $20 we review many wines more than $20. In fact, we do not post the prices of the over $20 along with the under $20 probably seeking to attain a “sensational” balance only understood by folks with mild ADD.
Here are 2 wines with costs posted, both currently available. (more…)