the Inland Empire, wine destinaton

Monrovia postcard 1923.jpgThe Inland Empire sounds so mythical. A region east of downtown LA, even east of Pasadena. A land of small towns with main streets that architecturally blend “old town” and “small town modern life”. Inspiration for a thousand master degree dissertations in urban planning. Stops on the road to local skiing. A place where the most unlikely dining spots might turn up. Perhaps hobbits and dragons.Monrovia postcard 2.jpg
tBoW accepted an invite to a wine tasting at a local restaurant; only a 60 mile ride each way. In the rain. We are at Cafe Massilia in Monrovia a Provencal inspired dining spot owned and operated by a pair of Frenchmen who have created their French bistro in a tiny but comfortable space with dark wood and red curtains. Food is very good. Location is a quaint downtown neighborhood. One of those Inland Empire towns linked like a centipede from Pasadena to Riverside. This is where the families from the Midwest and Mountain states came to find a new life. Now we go there to find something vinous, tasty and warm on a cold rainy evening. Here is the field report. (more…)