Thus Spracht Der Pinot Mouse

kinggangsta09WEB.jpg[ed. always an enlightening treat when featured field reporter Mouse tells a story about an evening circling the globe without leaving his chair]
On a cold Connecticut evening, ten people gathered to seek the Pinot. No longer elusive, as it was in the 1980s, this once fickle grape makes good wine in many places. In fact, this was our goal, to go around the globe with Pinot Noir, the most feminine and enticing of all wine.
I mean, really, if you had one wine to drink, what would it be? [ed. PINOT PINOT PINOT…NOIR]
Our target areas were two Burgundian Cotes, California, Oregon, New Zealand, Chile, Australia and South Africa. Missing, in earnest, was Austria, a country whose reds are vastly underappreciated here. But that’s for another day. (more…)