Winkin, Blinkin and Nod in Portland

Portland is a drinking city. Choose your potation from hundreds of coffee roasters, dozens of micro breweries, and now SIX distilleries! And that does not even scratch the surface on pub choices (endless). We hit Moon & Sixpence for the reputed perfect draught of Guinness. No disappointment there. Creamy and tender, the essence of “moother’s milk”. The treat was finding a local 6 piece ensemble performing in a circle when we arrived at 4:00. Apparently a Saturday tradition. Two guitars, an ukulele, mandolin, accordion and hand snare. Three of the players sang songs from the 30s as tBoW sipped his Guinness in the down-home glow. Darts in the back. I’m in a Turkish bar, a Moroccan Souk, a Parisian Bistro. Check it out for an unexpected treat. (more…)