LA’s BEST Classic Wine Store

gus2WEB.jpgMany wine shops are nominated as BEST of LA wine stores. These would include Dennis Overstreet’s Beverly Hills Wine Merchant [ed. yo tBoW didn’t he used to be just Wine Merchant?], West LA’s Wine House, Steve Wallace’s Wally’s, Bobby Golbahar’s Twenty-Twenty, perhaps even the Marina bargain palace LA Wine Company. While local and equally well-established Woodland Hills Wine Company might only get a biased nod the fact is in order to be a C-L-A-S-S-I-C you gotta have some class.
Each shop has its pedigree: open at least 20 years; notable personality associated with the joint; and cachet for some distinctive quality whether it is best bargains (LA WIne Co), widest selection (Wine House), best selection of older vintage wines (20-20)[ed. where Bipin Desai would shop?], or simply best in one class such as Bordeaux verticals (Wally’s). (more…)