Blending wines: why OR why not?

SUMMER’S BEST LOCAL EVENT IS COMING UP JUNE 13 & 14. I am referring to the TOPANGA CANYON ART STUDIOS TOUR: tBoW travels through Topanga Canyon often. Once a year the Topanga cooperative art gallery hosts a tour of local artists who live in the canyon. This is hands-down the best one day summer activity for people who want to know more about the venerable, charming and mysterious canyon. If you want to see how and where Topanga artists live then you must buy a ticket at the gallery and spend Saturday and/or Sunday June 13 & 14 driving around Topanga. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. (more…)

Sub-conscious wines

Monforte view downhill.jpgThe power of the subconscious has revealed itself to me. tBoW thought he was writing about three very nice wines and it turns out, in retrospect, he was writing about his three favorite and most reliable wines and wine regions in this current economic collapse. They represent the best in the cellar, the best U20 [ed. criminittly! it’s a U10!] of what can be found with a bit of labor, and the best wine-for-wine region year in and year out. To summarize…value, perfection and the steal of 2009…so far. (more…)

2 hand picked wines under $20

You may have noticed that for a wine blog touting wines under $20 we review many wines more than $20. In fact, we do not post the prices of the over $20 along with the under $20 probably seeking to attain a “sensational” balance only understood by folks with mild ADD.
Here are 2 wines with costs posted, both currently available. (more…)