Fall Classics: (X)Yankee baseball, Pac 9 football and Pinot Noir

derek-jeter spidey.jpgFall in LA is the best time of year. Fall in LA means it is safe to go outside without fearing a microwave burn. The tarantulas and rattlesnakes have left the patio to the hounds. [ed. real-Yankee Derek Jeter likes to have a little Halloween fun this time of year] I can watch TV outside into the early evening.
Fall means baseball playoffs and a chance to see the current future ex-Yankees: among the star players an ex-Red Sox, ex-Angel and ex-Twin. The once September, then October, Classic now ends in November. Yo. The Yanks and Phils are worth watching long as the “tri-state area” don’t get an early snowfall no-what-i-mean? October is also the middle of the Pac 9 season. UCLA football is the nucelar winter of local sports teams and USC, having already lost its annual sucker game, can win the conference and go clobber Cincinnatti or Iowa in the Rose Bowl. (more…)

Strange Days

Jim_Morrison_Grave.jpgJim Morrison sang “Strange days have found us. Strange days have tracked us down. They’re going to destroy our casual joys<. Can we use his gravesite as metaphor for the 2008/9 economic collapse? His fevered fans have trashed his grave like our fevered wall streeters trashed…you get the point. I hope we all listen to his moody lyrics and act with the anger he showed singing. Troubled rock stars are a clich√© today. We can only hope boom-to-bust traders, AIG executives and hedge fund managers will become tired clich√©s tomorrow. I can foresee a new era of celebreality shows that replace the Bad Girls Club; maybe Broke Brokers and Bad Bankers, or TARP Traders; re-enact the hey-day of unbounded greed and self-interest. Thursdays at 9:00 on the WB. Strange days have come!!
Yeh!! (more…)