Olympic Rhone Style Tasting w/o Rhone Wines!!

NBC has turned the Olympics into Facebook and Twitter. We get the medal news all day long then we watch and listen in the dinner hour to the announcers describe what we already know took place. Like there is some suspense to it. Give me a brown bag wine tasting! Infinitely more guessing and even when you “lose” you win. And talk about team spirit as the tBoW team tasters work together to mis-ID the wines and the secrets they hold…such as where they are from and what is the varietal base. Bonus: Botox Costas is nowhere to be seen. Jeez. I hope that didn’t come off too bitchy! Here are the wines… (more…)

Spring Cleaning: 1985 La Chapelle in JEROBOAM & 2 Hot Winemakers

Summer was almost here…then it jumped off the hook just like a River Monster. tBoW and team tasters have been doing our best to get ready for endless heat and long evenings on the patio with corks getting pulled and the BBQ working. Spring cleaning usually turns up a couple surprises but this year we hit the jackpot. Been waiting on this double-and-a-half magnum for some time. We did not know what to expect although we could vouch for the past 20 years of provenance. There’s more. (more…)