Read these NOTES while waiting for Spain reports

a taste of Spain

Mr. and Mrs. tBoW have been touring Spain for the past couple weeks. As tBoW prepares the reports we offer a welltimed mop up from recent tastings. The best wine out of Malibu gets challenged with seafood stir fry, a very good Carneros Bordeaux blend, and an old Super Second Bordeaux. And even more! (more…)

Best of the ‘Bu 1 Year Later: Mud, Technology, Possibilities

In between watching Millionaire Matchmaker and Meteorite Men tBoW visited Malibu Sanity winemaker Charles Schetter on a rainy day to find out what Malibu’s most obsessive winemaker has been up to. Schetter is generous with his time and willing to share his prescient views on the local wine industry, as it is.

We break out Malibu winemakers into three groups: the Obsessed – one member, Mr. Schetter of Malibu Sanity; the Committed – Carol Hoyt of Hoyt Family Vineyards, Bob Hagstrom of Church Estate Vineyards, the Cielo/Woodstock team [ed. aka Malibu Estate Vineyard], Michael McCarty’s Rambla Pacifico Vineyard, Casa Dumetz bleinding 20% Grenache with their Pinot Noir, and Ron and Lisa Semmler of Semmler and Saddle Rock aka Malibu Family Wines; and the Lifestyle Crew which includes everyone else. (more…)