Turkey Day Psychout Road Trip

Jimi made it, Large shot it

101 at Gaviota Dec 1 2014

Freud may have invented the id but it takes a Bird and the holidays to throw the id into a higher gear. Basic wine needs and basic family desires were in full run last Thursday. Tribal members gathered around the flame. Drink began to flow soon as guests arrived. “Noshing tasties” were served to the brethren and it was all ssssoooo ggggooooooddd. Thanksgiving is everyone’s favorite holiday for all the right reasons. Traditions. Laughs. Loving. Bowl games. Family arguments. It is a day that celebrates thanks, generosity and indulgence. Just like wine the season can be a mixed bag. The holidays get longer every year. With T-day in the bag that’s one down and two to go. (more…)

Wine Reviews for Lovers of Japanese Verse

Santa Rita Hills fog

The Wine Bored continues to search for more satisfying wine reviews. Flowery notes that reference obscure exotic fruit make us squirm or giggle. Even worse are reviews that elevate elevator music. Makes us want to drink vodka. But we love wine, still find it pretty fascinating. We love the new ‘Bu winemaking crew. If only we could come up with a new language for discussing wine. We float a couple ideas below. (more…)