End of an Era: Williams Selyem Sells to a Discounter

There it was. The Williams Selyem 2008 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir; three bottles for $150. I’m not saying this was the same as walking up to a Vegas casino and having Willie Mays or Joe Louis greet you. But…not far from it either. More like walking over to the jewelry counter at Target and wondering how the Tiffany earrings ended up there at half off. In case you did not get the significance of having Williams Selyem wine offered on the cheap there was a TIP: “California’s first cult Pinot Noir producer, WS is one of the most awarded PN producer in CA history.” The offer was only available to the first 150 “members” of Lot 18; an invitation only discount wine website. The development of discount wine websites is a topic in itself. Consider the fine differences between WinesTilSoldOut and Lot 18. (more…)