Businessmen Drink My Wine, Plowmen Dig My Earth: Best Reviews in Dylan Voice

Dotor√© and tBoW were pondering the pop hit F*CK YOU by Cee Lo Green. What used to be called a “catchy” pop beat comes right outta the 60s. Soul era visual signals are all over the video. The lyrics show Tin Pan Alley chops: “I picture the fool that falls in love with you; (oh shit she’s a gold digger).” The obvious hook is the expletive once unspeakable in polite company, now suitable for tweeners’ iPods. But, how does this all stack up to the¬†lyricist of our generation, Bob Dylan? After all, Mr. Zimmerman wrote lots of f*ck yous in his day. They were just hidden behind layers of imagery and required some interpretation. You know something’s going on but you don’t what it is… (more…)