Maremma phantasm

SCENE: Cedars Sinai ER. Curtain drawn on small space. Even smaller well dressed man stirs awake strapped to gurney.

Nurse…coldly precise: Doctor the patient is coming around. tBoW…confused: Where am I? Why can’t I move? MD…calmly: Please relax sir. The police brought you here. You were mumbling about marmamaya, razzbeanies. tBoW…gasping: I was with Leonardo Raspini of Ornellaia! We were scarfing down a white truffle pasta. Nurse…chest swelling: Doctor his blood pressure is ramping up! MD…excited: 40 units nembutal stat! And bring me that brown bag he brought!

While hundreds of locals were waiting to crowd into a Marriott banquet hall so legions of waiters could pour wine after wine after wine into goblet upon goblet upon goblet…tBoW was lunching with the agronomo and general manager for Orenellaia at Madeo [ed. LA’s finest Italian restaurant since Il Giardino shut its doors] talking dirt and sipping wines from Italy’s top producer of Bordeaux blends. (more…)