“Animal House” Wine Tasting A Summer Tradition

BacchanaliaWEBAll the cliches were operative at the tBoW summer kickoff wine dinner: “wine – the way classy people get trashed”, “we’re on double secret probation, what should we do? Road trip!” A tasting dinner with wine-loving friends does not have to be a wine shipwreck.

Here are tBoW’s secrets to keeping the ship somewhat afloat in the midst of besotted rough seas. (1) Keep the tasting to a minimum with enough affectations -notes and rank sheets – to hold tasters’ interest. (2) Get the tasting portion over with early. (3) Invite guests willing and able to provide decent post-tasting wines. All conditions were met with smashing success such that even the fussiest tasters (all men!) remained on board through to the happy ending. (more…)