Rousanne: Seven Reviews From the Field! Know This Varietal!!

With the price of decent burgundy reaching a day’s pay some of us have started looking elsewhere for delicious white wine. Not a fan of the Macon, whose offerings always seem too steely, I search for two other varietals: Riesling and Roussanne. While Riesling is made well everywhere BUT California, Roussanne is more difficult to find. In fact, my favorite store here in Connecticut, Mt. Carmel Wine & Spirits in Hamden CT, has none. Neither does anyone else around here, for that matter. (more…)

A New King in Beaujolais, Paso Brilliance, and a Devilish Deal

made his deal with the devil

Time to pull the ornaments off the tree, drag the shedding carcass to the curb, and turn our sights to summer. Before we forget the great wines tasted over the Holiday here is a review of more notables poured and quaffed. (more…)