Burgs burgs burgs burgs…Burgs burgs burgs Rieslings!!

IGTY the Happy Burg farmer

Hi Ho!! Hi Ho!! We love Burgundy especially when we come across a goodun. And we really love Rieslings from the Mosel. It is far easier to encounter a terrific Mosel Riesling than something similarly transcendent from Burgundy. Yet, we chase Burgundies like they were commonplace items and neglect the low hanging Mosels that can be found in any decent wine shop around town. Go figger. IGTY says Burgundy is all about the farmer. These guys have dirty fingernails and wear overalls. Unlike the Bordelais who carry man purses and take meetings over lunch. Burg farmers take lunch under a tree. Spring cleaning resolution…pray for more luck with Burgundies [ed. mitigate the risk and just buy Anne Gros?] and drink more Mosel wines, especially like these two guzzle-able Kabinetts! (more…)