Businessmen Drink My Wine, Plowmen Dig My Earth: Best Reviews in Dylan Voice

Dotor√© and tBoW were pondering the pop hit F*CK YOU by Cee Lo Green. What used to be called a “catchy” pop beat comes right outta the 60s. Soul era visual signals are all over the video. The lyrics show Tin Pan Alley chops: “I picture the fool that falls in love with you; (oh shit she’s a gold digger).” The obvious hook is the expletive once unspeakable in polite company, now suitable for tweeners’ iPods. But, how does this all stack up to the¬†lyricist of our generation, Bob Dylan? After all, Mr. Zimmerman wrote lots of f*ck yous in his day. They were just hidden behind layers of imagery and required some interpretation. You know something’s going on but you don’t what it is… (more…)

Wine Reviews for Lovers of Japanese Verse

Santa Rita Hills fog

The Wine Bored continues to search for more satisfying wine reviews. Flowery notes that reference obscure exotic fruit make us squirm or giggle. Even worse are reviews that elevate elevator music. Makes us want to drink vodka. But we love wine, still find it pretty fascinating. We love the new ‘Bu winemaking crew. If only we could come up with a new language for discussing wine. We float a couple ideas below. (more…)

Lakey Lazy Days, Vinos and UFOs: Tahoe 2010 Report

If you ever need to just recharge the old D cells you ought to consider Lake Tahoe. A world class alpine lake right here in California – or at least half of it is in California. The attractions include unmovable mountains with snatches of snow, boats bobbing in the lake, and long slow days doing whatever seems most unimportant. Wine also helps. In the afternoon and the evening. Coffee in the AM. Wine reviews follow in a minute. (more…)