Holiday Throwdown: Big vs. Little(r) Ticket Burgs

Here’s a story with a switcheroo, reversal of fortune and an unexpected ending. Could’ve been penned by O. Henry. It’s the bumbling retailer, and the little producer from Burgundy going up against a couple of big fellas ending all turned upside down.

The story begins when tBoW tasted the 2008 Hauts-Cote des Nuits from Anne Gros and was knocked out. I called my retailer – who shall remain unnamed – and asked for half a case of that specific wine. When I went to pick it up I realized there was only bottle of what I had requested and five other Anne Gros Bourgogne wines; the lesser “Pinot Noir” labels. What to do? I took them! How bad could they be? The retailer had not checked the box and did not realize there was a switch. tBoW likes this retailer a lot so it was good form to accept the mistaken wines. Besides what better way to go to school on Anne Gros wines for what amounts to the cheapest tuition. (more…)