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The Praedominium of Wine: a Passover Tale

Seige of Jerusalem

Seige of Jerusalem

The history of Jerusalem is beyond EPIC. No filmmaker has or will ever capture the full impact [ed. Kingdom of Heaven is decent]. Only a great modern biographer such as Simon Sebag Montefiore can do the story justice; pick up Jerusalem: The Biography.

Jerusalem is not the most ancient city nor is it necessarily the most historic although there would certainly be arguments on that point. It is without doubt the most holy city if for no other reason than three major inter-related religions – Islam, Christianity and Judaism – claim Jerusalem as their own but have been forced to share it for millenia. Neither Buddhism nor Hinduism have a Jones for Jerusalem. Think of Buddhism as the Riesling of important religions: alluring with its particular salvational purpose [ed. would you align Hindi with Chianti?]. Which brings me to wine worship. (more…)

Ill Will, Cheap Wine, Nasty Lawsuits! It’s the Gallo book review!

Blood and Wine: the Unauthorized Story of the Gallo Wine Empire
By Ellen Hawkes, Simon and Schuster 1993
This is not fiction. But a lot of it does claim to be fact. Who can tell? The witnesses forgot a lot of info‚– especially in court.
Getting through this book was a labor, and not of love. More like picking grapes in the Central Valley late summer. The writing style is journalism at its most dry. Dates, places, people. Just the facts. But it is the facts that kept me grinding away. Once the author gets to The Feud (chapter 11) the facts become essential to telling exactly who is getting shafted in which ways by whom. (more…)